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Brazil is booming right now! Host to the next FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Brazil became the world’s sensation, and all eyes of the world are turned to anything that goes on in Brazil!

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statue-of-jesus-in-rio-de-janeiroBrazil is welcoming Tourists from all over the World. People are coming to it’s beautiful beaches, mountains, plains, forests and everywhere else within the Country! However, if you want to visit Brazil, why not do it in style? All over Brazil there are several stay options, and one we definitely recommend is a luxury rental, whether it’s a Villa or a Luxurious Apartment, Brazil has options that are the perfect fit for an unforgettable vacation experience. You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what we are offering you!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup


Brazil is again becoming the Host for the FIFA World Cup. Their first time was in 1950, when it held the Tournament, and ended up loosing to rivals Uruguay on the final. 64 years later, Brazil will have the opportunity to host the World’s most important Soccer tournament once more, showcasing all the Brazilian beauty for the entire planet to see. It’s a great opportunity for people all over the World to come to Brazil and watch the World Cup, and also see up close our Beaches, Mountains and all of the country’s natural beauty.

Brazilian Carnaval

CarnavalNicaCarnaval is celebrated once a year in Brazil, usually on the months of February or March, depending on the year, and it’s the country’s most celebrated time of the year! Known as probably the Greatest Event on earth, Brazilian Carnaval is not celebrated only in Rio de Janeiro, as it’s well know, but also all over the country, with the entire country stopping every year to enjoy these few Carnaval days! You can enjoy it too! Want a really nice alternative to the crazyness of the Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval? Go to Buzios! This idylic resort-town is only a few miles away from Rio de Janeiro, and will surprise you, since you’ll probably have the best time of your life at Buzios! Buzio’s nightlife booms every single night, while the beaches, filled with beautiful people, are your option during the day.

Brazilian Destinations

Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo - Salvador - Belo Horizonte - Porto Alegre - Curitiba - Brasília - Natal - Manaus - Fortaleza - Goiânia - Vitória - Cuiabá - Maceió - Florianópolis - Recife - Belém - Palmas - Buzios - Cabo Frio - Petrópolis - Ouro Preto - Diamantina - Ribeirão Preto - Blumenal - Joinville - Londrina - Porto Velho - Porto Seguro - Arraial D'Ajuda

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